A new taste of happiness with a blissful life at “Baan Pluem Suk Village” With the best location on Khaolarm Road Bangsaen
on an area of 47 Rai and a blend of Thai and Western home architecture as well as the combination of modern designs and functionality,
creating a Modern Thai Style. Apart from this beautiful and oustanding design that harmonises with the architectural structure,
     “Baan Pluem Suk Village” has also taken into consideration the surrounding weather condition and the lifestyle of the beach-side residential city.
This has led to a concept of serene, beautiful, unique and modern detached houses in 4 styles.
A house for every Thai lifestyle awaiting for you to come and experience it yourself.
  - A hall on the ground floor is airy and can be modified to suit every lifestyle.
  - Thai-style closed kitchen, separated from the hall to prevent smoke from cooking to enter the house.
  - Tall and wide windows opened to refreshing ambience from external nature
  - Every bedroom is made larger than standard bedroom size to leave room for modifications and can be turned into a multi-purpose room to suit
every need in the family.
  - Every area is designed creatively and perfectly…for a perfect life.
Deeds owner and handler: Bangsaen Mahanakorn Property Co.,Ltd. (BMP) License number 1255450075.
Address: 278/9 Longhadbangsaen Rd., Tumbon Saensuk,Ampur Mueng, Chonburi.
Executive Director: Jiraporn Khunpluem / Managing Director: Narongchai Khunpluem.
Authorised Capitol: 100 million baht. Project Address: Tumbon Saensuk, Ampur Mueng, Chonburi.
Land number: : 357, 358, 379, 5313, 23735, 23736, 67455, 67456, 67457,67459, 67460, 67461,
81334,81335, 81336, 92419, 137769, 137770, 137771
Project Area: 47-1-22.5 Rai (204 units). Clubhouse Area: 1-838 Rai. The company holds the rights to the land. Construction permit is being processed.
*Pictures and details in this brochure can be changed without prior notice.*